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We do (awesome) APPS in the ALPS

Execution matters

We transform your vision and ideas into great Apps. Execution matters: users' expectation on mobile device is super high.
That's why 80% of Apps are opened once, and never opened again.


Since 2010, Lunabee Studio is the expert in developing premium native Apps from A to Z, on iOS and Android.
What makes us unique

Native only

We develop native Apps only, using Apple and Google great tools and language. Not convinced? Read our article on this topic: Why hybrid Apps are crap?

... in the Alps

Mens sana in corpore sano.
We lived and worked in Singapore, Paris, Australia and the US East Coast.
Now we're in the middle of the French Alps. We like it here.
And no, we don’t have to convince you that this is the best place for us to feel relaxed and focus when working on your Apps.

What makes us unique

We have 2.5M users in 130 countries

Yep, we know what we're talking about.
Our seasoned team has all the skills and expertise in-house to create premium Apps from A to Z, as we did for our own apps many times.
We leverage this hands-on experience to feed you with valuable recommendations and ideas in a proactive manner.

We're your product team

We're not contractors. We leverage our experience to guide you throughout the process of creating an awesome App.
We'll fight for your product and your users' experience, because:

We want your App to reach new heights

With oneSafe, one of our own Apps, we managed to be featured by Apple multiple times on the App Store, in more than 80 countries.
And being Editor's Choice with awesome reviews is our target for your App too.

oneSafe featured by Apple App Store screenshot


It's all about them. Our customers and partners. We love them. They love us too.

The co-founders

Greg, Olivier and Tom know each other since 2001. They are seasoned developers with a great focus on "user experience". They managed teams of developers in various countries (US, Australia, Asia, Europe...) before creating Lunabee Studio in 2010.


We believe that sharing is important. It's good for our karma, and it's definitely the best way to meet with interesting people and learn new things.

Happy customers & partners

We have all kinds of customers and partners, from startups to large companies. Some of them are listed below.

Quentin 🙌🏻😎 #finisher @UT4MGrenoble

Pensée pour Quentin, membre de @lunabeeStudio, presque arrivé au bout des 160km de l'@UT4MGrenoble ! Allez Quentin !

At Lunabee Studio, we now count as one of @joinstationf 's exclusive perks! Super happy to work with folks at STATI…