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We do (awesome) APPS in the ALPS

Execution matters

We love your vision and ideas. But execution matters: users' expectation on mobile device is super high.
That's why 80% of Apps are opened once, and never opened again.

Our experience

Since 2010, Lunabee Studio is the expert in developing premium Apps from A to Z, on iOS and Android.
What makes us unique? We have a unique hands-on experience to help you creating awesome Apps: we have 2.5M+ users with our own Apps in 130 countries.

5-star reviews

Our ambition for your App is to maximize the 5-star reviews on the Stores, like all Apps we create.
And we want you to be in the 20% of the Apps opened more than twice ;)

We believe an App should be native and:


Users enjoy using an App that feels natural and alive. Through useful animations and consistency across the whole user interface.


Complexity is the enemy of reliability. We create easy-to-use Apps so that they work, for every user, all the time.


We find the best technical solution to make sure every feature of an App is working as well as it could be.

We love mobile Apps. Lucky us.

What we can do for you

We create your App
  • Premium UX + UI
  • Native iOS + Android
  • Phone / Watch / Tablet
  • Agile methodology
  • Quality assurance
Coaching Mobile UX
  • One-to-one
  • Bootcamps
  • App reviews
  • Recommendations
  • Mockups
Coaching Development
  • CTO on-demand
  • iOS + Xcode
  • Android + Studio
  • Advanced frameworks
  • Custom animations

Our target for your App

With oneSafe, one of our own Apps, we managed to be featured by Apple multiple times on the App Store, in more than 80 countries. And being Editor's Choice is our target for your App too.

oneSafe featured by Apple App Store screenshot

What makes us unique

We have our own Apps on Stores too since 2010

Our seasoned team has all the skills and expertise in-house to create premium Apps from A to Z.
We have 2.5M+ users with our own Apps in 130 countries. We leverage this hands-on experience to feed you with valuable recommendations and ideas in a proactive manner.

We're your product team

We're not contractors. We leverage our experience to guide you throughout the process of creating an awesome App.

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